From Kyoto, Copenhagen, Cochabamba, Cancun and to Durban: will Africa be incinerated is a document issued as a tool for popular education and mobilisation. Of the four documents set out here:
1. The Peoples Agreement,
2. Copenhagen Accord,
3. Kyoto Protocol,
4. Cancun Agreement,
One has been in the centre stage of official negotiations since its origin at the Kyoto Conference of 1997.
At COP15 held in Copenhagen the so-called Copenhagen Accord was contrived by a handfull of countries with the aim of truncating accountability in efforts to fight climate change and instead promoting an era of voluntary emissions reduction targets that is not based on science but rather on political expendency.

The Peoples Agreement on the other hand responds both to the inadequacy of the Kyoto Protocol and the dangerous platform
proposed by the Copenhagen Accord. The Peoples Agreement offers real solutions anchored on Justice and the need for system change in the face of run-away climate chaos.

At Cancun, the clear demands of the people were sidelined. Talks continues at Durban, South Africa in November/December 2011. The documents are here presented for peoples around the world to compare them and decide on steps to take and to defend for collective future.

Download link: From Kyoto to Durban

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The general assembly of Oilwatch International will take place this year in the city of Quito, Ecuador from the 21st of July till the 27th of July, 2011.

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ERA has recently received information that a group calling itself the "Niger Delta Coalition in the Diaspora" is still engaging itself in activities and communications giving the impression that it is linked with Environmental Rights Action (ERA).

This group issues out communications using ERA's headquarter address and mail box. We have never had any ties with this group and any views, comments or opinions expressed by them is not endorsed or authorized by any member of management or staff of ERA.

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Green Hotlines
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