Ikarama and Kalaba communities in Yenagoa Local Government Area of Bayelsa State have also suffered the devastating impacts of floods that have ruined communities in about 16 states across Nigeria.
After monitoring and documenting the impacts of the flood in the two communities, the Environmental Rights Action/Friends of the Earth Nigeria (ERA/FoEN) decided to respond to the call for assistance by the community folks. This was done by way of sending relief materials to cushion the plight of the people.
Materials delivered to the communities include: Bags of rice, blankets, mosquito-treated nets, bags of sachet water, stoves, palm oil, kerosene and indomie noodles. The leaders and people of the communities expressed profound gratitude for the humanitarian gesture of ERA/FoEN. This brief report captures few testimonies in relation to the subject matter.   
At Ikarama community
Soon after arriving Ikarama community, youths rushed to the vehicle in anticipation of the materials and assisted in off-loading what was meant for the community. The leaders and elders of the community later came to receive the relief items from ERA/FoEN representatives. The paramount ruler of the community, Chief Daniel Francos received the relief materials on behalf of his community, in company of the former Deputy Paramount ruler, Chief Jacob Godfrey and others on the bridge across Taylor Creek where most of them have taken refuge.
The community folks were informed by the ERA/FoEN team that the gesture was to show appreciation of our association with the community and prevailing situation they are facing and that, as friends of the community; ERA’s disposition is to laugh and cry with the community.  

Chief Daniel Franco
I am standing here on behalf of the community to receive these relief materials ERA/FoEN has sent us. ERA/FoEN has surprised us by this humanitarian gesture, coming to our assistance at this time. We are indeed grateful and accept the materials with both arms. You have done so much for Ikarama community as regards the oil spills and devastation our environment go through and now you have come to assist us with relief materials in connection with the flood impacts. Please send our gratitude to the entire management and staff of ERA/FoEN. Tell them we appreciate the gesture. However, just as we read in literature, we are like Oliver Twist who asked for more because our situation is really a pathetic one.

Chief Jacob Godfrey
Our paramount ruler has spoken well and, as such I may not say much. What I will say is that, we have nothing in our tradition to express gratitude more than ‘’Thank You’’. Even if somebody builds a house for you, if you do any other thing to express gratitude without saying thank you, it will mean you have not shown appreciation. We are indeed happy of ERA/FoEN gesture
Mrs. Ayibapreye Ofurumozi…. On her part, this lady sang, using ERA’s name and danced when the relief material arrived. She said….May God bless ERA/FoEN for bring these relief materials to assist us. We pray that it should be well with the organisation. May God reward you more abundantly so that you will also come and do more for us. We are very glad

Mrs. Mary Ray
We are indeed happy with what ERA/FoEN has done for our community in this trying period. The gesture is really appreciated. May God bless your organisation. Everybody is happy with you

Mr. Daneke Igbudu
Your organization has really helped us by sending these relief materials and we are thanking you for the gesture. The whole village is thanking you

Chief Abu Moses
We are grateful to ERA/FoEN for identifying with us at this period. These relief materials you have sent us will really assist us. We are happy indeed. Extend our appreciation to your leaders and tell them that we are delighted and thank them too

Mrs. Ayibakuro Warder [women leader]
Really you can see that my community is happy for what ERA/FoEN has done again for us. I cannot thank you enough. We appreciate and, I will personally say thank you to your management when I see any of them

At Kalaba Community:
As it was in Ikarama, the people of Kalaba received the relief materials from ERA/FoEN with joy. The items were delivered on the dry section of the major road, near the bridge head. A former Chairman of the Community Development Committee of Kalaba, Mr. Roman Orukali received on behalf of the chief, elders and people of the community in the presence of women leader, wife of the paramount ruler of Kalaba and some youths.

Mr. Roman Orukali
I am most delighted to receive these items your organisation has sent to us. Actually, our paramount ruler is not in town or else he would have personally received these relief materials from you. However, he will reach out to you when he comes back. We are indeed grateful for this rare display of genuine concern for our plight and friendship. May God replenish the source for ERA/FoEN.  While appreciating this warm gesture, I will equally use this rare opportunity to make a personal appeal to ERA/FoEN. My only house has collapsed due to the impact of the flood. Even if the flood recedes I will have no house to return to with my wife and children. Please assist me in this regard. Whatever you can do to assist me to erect a new building will be appreciated. I really need help.

Mrs. Marygold Nwalia [wife of the paramount ruler)
I never really expected this from your organization. This is a great surprise to us in Kalaba and a positive one. We lack words to express ourselves for this kind gesture. May God richly reward you all for sharing this moment of great loss and traumatic experience with our community, Kalaba. Thank you, thank you.

Mrs. Ovie Joe [Women leader]
On behalf of my family and women of this community, I want to thank your organization [ERA/FoEN] for associating with us even at this time. W are really going through a period of stress as the flood is unprecedented in terms of water level, current and devastation. This show of love will remain in our minds for a long time. Our thanks go to all of you in ERA/FoEN.
In a text message sent to ERA/FoEN a day after the materials were delivered to his community, the Paramount Ruler of Kalaba, Chief Idoniboye Nwalia said:…Excellent…many thanks for what you have done for my community. I wish you more grease to function even better. Thank you…
Similarly, the Public Relations Officer of the Youth Body of Kalaba sent a text message saying: God bless ERA/FoEN for all you have done for us. We are grateful….

During the visit it was observed that the current/pressure of the flood was very strong and the water level continues to rise in the communities and environs. Apart from the submerged houses, most of the mud houses were noticed to have been dilapidated, some with thatch roofs while others had metal roofing sheets, some even newly built before the flood. In Kalaba, most of the community folks took shelter at the newly built house of the Chairman of Yenagoa LGA who hails from the community and the community town hall along the road. At Ikarama, the bridge across the Taylor Creek and the Health Centre were the only places relatively unaffected by the flood. Hence the people made canopies on the bridge and formed a sort of relief camp there. They cook and sleep there. Others were noticed on raised platforms in front of houses where they now spread their foams to sleep.
It was very obvious that ERA/FoEN relief effort was appreciated by the communities. At Ikarama, the community folks gathered around the relief materials as the team was leaving and community folks were calling on each other at different points, urging all to move to the bridge for their share of the items donated. The same was the case in Kalaba where community people were directed to move towards the chief’s house for their share of the relief materials.

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