A pipeline belonging to the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC)
exploded yesterday  in Awori, a sprawling  Lagos surburb, killing at least
200 people.

Residents of the densely populated community say the incident occurred at
about 8am on the 26th of December,  Christians boxing day which is a national holiday in Nigeria.
According to them, petroleum thieves had ripped open the pipeline in the
night, siphoned  fuel into some tankers and left the scene without sealing
the ripped portion. By morning, residents woke up to the  free flow of
petrol from the pipeline. In no time locals in their hundreds swooped on the
spill to scoop.

No one could say exactly what caused the fire but there was a loud bang at
about  8am and the whole community was engulfed in flames.

When ERA  team visited the scene, hundreds of charred bodies were seen scattered
 all over the place. The raging fire also consumed two sawmill companies, a plastic recycling plant and over 100 vehicles. Resident also told ERA that several wounded persons have been taken to hospitals.

A former commissioner of health in Lagos state, Mr. Leke Pitan told ERA
that efforts were on to evacuate the bodies of the dead to avert an

More details will be available shortly.
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