The Real Gas Revolution

The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan in March 2011 launched the Gas Revolution plan for the country. The plan is laudable going by the array of expected benefits for the people and the country as announced during the launch. We as a group believe that for this revolution to be meaningful it must start with the total stoppage of routine gas flaring that has caused several damages and loss to the people of the Niger Delta and Nigeria as a whole. One year has passed and yet nothing seem to be happening to fulfil the much touted Gas Revolution.

Therefore write to the Government of Nigeria to implement the Gas Revolution project by first stopping the routine gas flaring in our communities and by fulfilling their promise of implementing the entire gas master-plan proposed to bring investments worth about $25 billion over the next three years, with activities in fertilizer production, petrochemicals and methanol manufacturing.

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ERA has recently received information that a group calling itself the "Niger Delta Coalition in the Diaspora" is still engaging itself in activities and communications giving the impression that it is linked with Environmental Rights Action (ERA).

This group issues out communications using ERA's headquarter address and mail box. We have never had any ties with this group and any views, comments or opinions expressed by them is not endorsed or authorized by any member of management or staff of ERA.

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Green Hotlines
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