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Field Reports

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Feb 19, 2005
Nigerian Soldiers Destroy Odioma Community, 50 local people killed.
Nigerian Soldiers Destroy Odioma Community, 50 local people killed....
Feb 11, 2005
Bitumen EIA turns mere Promises Talkshop
A recent EIA Forum organized by Bitumen Exploration and Exploitation Company of ...
Jan 31, 2005
Shell and Her Pipeline Vandals
Jan 05, 2005
Toxic waste in Ozoro
Toxic Waste in Ozoro...
Nov 06, 2003
Massive Oil Spills from Agip facility pollutes River Niger and surrounding creeks
Oct 17, 2003
Gassing an unsuspecting community
Field Report #125
Welcome to Environmental Rights Action - Friends of the Earth, Nigeria

ERA Alert!!!!.

About 50 members of Odioma community in Bayelsa State of Nigeria have been reported massacred on Saturday, February 19, 2005 during a military raid by a “Joint Task Force” of the Nigerian Army and Navy. The soldiers also destroyed the whole community with houses bombed and burnt in a manner reminiscent of the Odi Massacre of 1999. Those killed are mostly women, children and the elderly. The traditional ruler of the community, C. G. Omieh, Igoni the XXI, is still missing

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A recent EIA Forum organized by Bitumen Exploration and Exploitation Company of Nigeria (BEECON) was turned into a promise making meeting by BEECON and officials of the Federal Goverment.


  • EIA Draft Report yet to be ready
  • EIA Forum Agenda Neglected
  • Unredeemable Promises Dominate EIA Forum
  • Environmental issues Relegated to the Background

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... From Porto Alegre !!

28 January 2005 (Porto Alegre, Brazil)

The WSF is gathering momentum and there is great excitement in the air that “Another World is Possible.” At the FoEI tent, this evening (28th January) awards were given to selected communities who have had outstanding struggles against transnational corporations engaged in destructive extraction of resources in their territories. The beautiful certificate given out to them has written on it “Another World is already happening.” On Sunday evening, an award will be presented to the Ogoni people of Nigeria for their courageous struggles against Shell.
Of the events I said I would participate in yesterday, I ended up taking the stand in only one: reading resistance poems from my collection: We Thought It was Oil but it was Blood. More Details

January, 30th

Saturday, 30 January was a great day at the WSF. A major event I participated in was the Creditors' Public Assembly at which the people declared, "WE DON'T OWE, WE WONT PAY!" There were testimonies from across the world denouncing the so-called external debt as illegitimate, odius and repugnant.
In the evening, yes in the evening...Great singing by Ricardo Carere of the World Rain Forest Movement. He sang songs from his new CD titled "28 Greatest Hits." Strumming away at the guitar, I was astounded because I could never have guessed he was a musician besides being an international forest campaigner. Read More ...

Getting set to go back to the trenches

This is my last posting from PoA, folks…

It is estimated that over 100,000 citizens of the world gathered in Porto Alegre for this year’s World Social Forum (WSF). Gathered around the banks of Rio Guaiba, along the fields of Harmonia and Marinha…. In the Gasometro cultural centre and in the warehouses of the port docks, these citizens convinced that another world is possible; they discussed and strategize in a vigorous and interactive manner on the way out of the wood for us all.
The next gathering of the world’s citizens in this manner will be at WSF 2007 and this will be held in AFRICA!
More Details
Mar 04, 2005
Press Release
Jan 31, 2005
THE ERA-Niger Delta Resource Centre plays host to community researchers, activis...
Jan 28, 2005
Shell Gets International Shame Award over Operations in Nigeria
Oil giant, Royal Dutch Shell yesterday in Davos, Switzerland won ‘The Public Eye...
Jan 28, 2005
New report Blasts Water and Biodiversity Privatization
A new report released today at the World Social Forum documents the negative so...
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Jan 31, 2005
From Porto Alegre

The WSF ...

Jan 15, 2005
Feeding GMOs to our School Kids?
Feeding GMOs to our School Kids. - Nnimmo Bassey....
Do you approve the introduction of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) into Nigeria without adequate evidence that they are safe for human consumption?

Not sure

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