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Field Report #168: Months after, Oil Spill at Okordia remains
Monday, 25 February 2008


  • Shell's Manifold blows out in July, 2007
  • Shell scoops crude but refuses to cleanup till date.

Ikarama, located in Yenagoa Local Government Area of Bayelsa State, is a community of subsistence fishing and farming people whose livelihoods depend primarily on their environment. It plays host to Shell's Okordia manifold. One feature it shares with so many other host communities in the Niger Delta region is the plethora of spill sites that dots its landscape.


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Field Report #172: Michelin Converts Prime Forest to Plantation
Wednesday, 13 February 2008
LOCATION: Iguobazuwa Community, Ovia South West Local Goverment Area, Edo State.
  • Michelin invades Iguobazuwa High Forest , bulldozes prime forest.
  • 80% of indigenous people are forest dependent.
  • Community dispossessed of farmlands.
  • Pressure mounts as multinational Michelin compels community representatives to sign
  • Memorandum of Understanding without clear understanding.
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Who Benefits from GM Crops? - The Rise in Pesticide Use
Tuesday, 12 February 2008


New report: GM crops increase pesticide use and fail to alleviate poverty

BRUSSELS (BELGIUM), KUALA LUMPUR (MALAYSIA), LAGOS (NIGERIA),January 13th, – Genetically Modified (GM) crops have led to a massive increase in pesticide use and have failed to increase yields or tackle world hunger and poverty, a new report by Friends of the Earth reveals today.

The report coincides with the annual release of biotech industry figures on GM crop cultivation around the world.  Friends of the Earth International’s GMO coordinator in Nigeria, Nnimmo Bassey said: "GM crops have failed to deliver the long-promised benefits of the biotech industry. Instead, increased pesticide use caused by these crops threatens the environment and communities around the world.”

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NGOs Warn On Poisoned Rice In Nigeria, Ghana
Thursday, 07 February 2008

Independent Newspapers 

Consumers in Nigeria and the entire West African sub region may begin experiencing the health hazards associated with biotech products if the result of a laboratory test of rice samples from the countries are anything to go by, participants at a one-day public awareness forum on "Biosafety Issues and Experience Sharing" in Benin City, have warned.

Of the 47 samples of 17 brands of rice on the market shelf in the three countries that were used for the test, it was confirmed that there was a preponderance of GMO varieties; Liberty Link Rice 62 (LLRICE62) and LLRICE601 in two.

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